Jewellery care

Our jewellery is lovingly hand made from sterling silver or brass. When we plate our jewellery we use a process that deposits a very thin layer of metal (such as gold) onto the pieces. All earring posts are sterling silver. Both brass and silver jewellery will tarnish with time and plating will fade with wear. Caring for your jewellery depends on its material and whether it’s plated. It is best to keep your jewelley away from moisture and not wear it while sleeping, showering, exercising or swimming and should be put on after the application of lotions, perfumes and hairsprays. As a metal is exposed to the environment, moisture and air will cause silver and brass to discolour or “oxidise”. Below are some guidelines to help you care for your jewellery and minimise this reaction. It’s best to store your pieces in acid free tissue paper.  This will keep them free of dust and protected from moisture.

Sterling silver 

Simply rub with a jewellery polishing cloth. These cloths are embedded with polish that will clean and restore shine. Never wash your jewellery polishing cloth as this will remove the polish and decrease its effectiveness. If your piece is very tarnished it can be cleaned with warm soapy water and gently rubbed with a soft toothbrush, followed by the process above. 


All of our brass pieces are gold plated to ensure that its lasts as long as possible without tarnishing. However brass is very susceptible to oxidising. Care should be taken to keep your brass jewellery away from moisture, perfume, lotions and sea air. 

Plated Metal 

Plating will eventually fade with wear.  To ensure the longevity of your plated jewellery care should be taken not to wear your piece in the shower, to sleep in, or while swimming or exercising.  After wear gently rub the piece with a soft cotton cloth before storage. To clean your plated jewellery immerse the piece in warm water and dry immediately with a soft cotton cloth. Do not use a jewellery cleaning cloth to clean your gold plated jewellery as this may eventually  rub off the plating.